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First Step

Por: AKdabbra @ 23:58 (-03) / 308 / Comentário ( 0 )

Hello guys!




I am so excited about restart playing poker hard that here I'm less 2 hours from I wrote my first post, tracing my first steps.

I already have some experience playing and studying poker because in my first year on poker online I met a online poker school, that help me to undestand the basics about the poker theory.

But, as this is a restart, I want to restart this totally, from the point zero. So I will take same tasks that I will need to follow, and same goals that I will try to carry out during one month.

Here is a couple of things that I will do trying to make a good and responsible restart in my carrer.

First, the modality of poker that I really like is MTT's of Texas Hold'em, so I will focus all my effort in learn and improve my skills in this kind of game. I will just study and play MTT's, and I will study it form zero as a complete novice.

Second, as I don't have a lot money at hand, I will start in the low stacks and climb the poker ladder step by step. I made a deposit of $10, and will play tournament with the buy-in between $0.10 - $0.25 that gives me something about 40 buy-ins.

Third, I want to keep my bank management this way, using a 40-50 buy-ins system. I will to rise my tournament buy-in level when I reach 50 buy-ins and go level down with 40 buy-ins (taking in mind the buy-ins of the that level).

The only exception I will made to bank management is about the 3 tickets form SCOOP satellites I earned from the Intelipoker (thanks a lot Intellipoker), and any other tickeds I can earn. The free tickets I get will be the only way I will play satellites at least this first month.

Fourth, I want to have a routine, although I will need to reconcile college, work and now poker. Because it, I plan play something about 18 - 20 hours a week, or 1-2 tournaments a day. I know that it's a little time, but I'm being realistic, and at least for now I need to make money in other way and can't to play more often than this.

Well, I think this will be a good, solid an responsible way to rebuild my carrer, and restart runnig the dream of be a poker star.

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