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Hi, this is Gabriel Trettin. Welcome!
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first of all, sorry if sometime reading this post you can't understand what i mean, as i'm not a native english speaker, it isn't as good as my Portuguese (my native lenguage). 

So, thank you if you understand me and still got what i say.

What i'm here to say is that i joined pokerstars/intelipoker just a few weeks.

I'm studying, playing, getting better in my game, and i wanna say THANKS InteliPoker, everything has been GREAT since i started to study poker. 

I want to register my sincere THANKS to Andre Akkari also. His video speaking about how he started to play til he becomes a big star gave me what i needed. The true belief that it's a skill game. 

I was a child when i first learned poker with my father, and i always thought i was good in this game, and now with the help of InteliPoker i'm able to improve my game and now i know i can be a professional player.

I'm very happy because today i made my first deposit. I barely can wait to play tournaments in real money and see what i can do.

So, this is me telling you guys, I have no money, i'm just starting, and i hope soon i will be back here to write about my bank roll and i what i could reach. 

My doughter is to be born in february (i'm accepting gifts, ahaha) and i'm broke, so this is a life changing, I know though poker i can reach what i need to give her a good life.

Thank you Poker Stars; InteliPoker; Andre Akkari. You guys are awsome. Thank you, to anyone who read this. 

Feel free to be  in touch if you wish.

See you guys.

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